03 - "A Gathering Of Momentum" with Tony Sayers, Shayne Benattar, Jarad Taylor & Neil Pascoe

Sep 19, 2017, 04:15 AM

Hey beautiful people, thank you for joining us again in another Gathering Of Momentum, lifting the veil on our reality. This week we have Tony Sayers from www.transcendingtimes.org , Shayne Benattar from Connecting_Consciousness and Jarad Taylor indigenous rights activist who have brought some very powerful information and energy to the internet. This was an interview of epic proportions and a must watch. We hit many topics including: Standing Rock Dakota Access pipeline Detoxing the Body Heart Space Living GWEN / Geo engineering / HAARP , frequency weapons Empowering Humans The Tipping Point Intention based Activism Food , GMO, Organic, Hy brid Dr sebi, TYS conscious kitchen.com www.find a spring .com & Simple Solution to all these issues and so much more. Please share like re post and push this information out there if it resonates with you. We really appreciate all the support and beautiful comments and messages thank you so much guys. A big shout out to the natives at standing rock who are fighting for the water and land of mother earth. These people need all the hep from every nationality here on earth to protect this sacred land. Feel free to connect at Facebook below Much Love.

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