04 - "A Gathering Of Momentum" with Catherine Chan, Neil Pascoe - Spring Detox

Sep 19, 2017, 04:30 AM

Hey beautiful people thanks for joining us again for Another “Gathering Of Momentum” this week we have The Amazing Catherine Chan Who is a Master Naturopath with too many degrees to mention. Catherine who has been living and breathing her truth for 30+ years now. She has healed the human body every disease under the sun naturally “nature’s way” working with the harmonious balance of plants detoxing, fasting and many other healing modalities, she has the feedback and testimonials to prove it. She will be empowering us with information to regain our health sovereignty. Taking health back into our hands and identifying the Poor “out dated” protocols from our western doctors and poisonous products from “Big Pharma” back into true health and vitality. The way we have been living for thousands pf years before The Rockefeller American medical association came along and introduced their cut, burn and poison policy. The most important thing you can do is take good care of your vessel that’s the real activism work, the inner work. When you take care of yourself that shows self-love. To fix the problems outside we need to fix ourselves from the inside. Lucky for us the human body is very resilient and will in most cases will bounce back if you put the right “information” or Food in .This particular flow session is about spring detoxing and a bunch of solutions you cause at home protect and also clean out your body for the summer season!!. Please share like and repost these podcasts to help us reach a broader audience. Connect with us on Facebook below Much Love.

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