05 - "A Gathering Of Momentum" with Harald Kautz Vella, Shane Benattar & Neil Pascoe

Sep 19, 2017, 04:35 AM

Hey beautiful people here Is the Latest “Gathering of Momentum Part 5“ (Lifting the veil on our reality) web cast featuring world famous Harald Kautz Vella from Germany, (broad spectrum scientist) famous for his videos and info on Black Goo, A.I. “Artificial Intelligence” he is an industry expert on Geo Engineering. Shayne Benttar from connecting_conscionusness on #Instagram a young kid from Canada who is putting the truth out there with his huge following on# Instagram and social media. This was a wide range flow session and we hit many pressing topics effecting humanity today, offering solutions. I really love the powerful heart felt information Harald brings to the table, his playful childlike essence is evident during this interview. Warning some of this information may shake some of the belief systems for viewers. Topics in this Flow Session. The Power of Human Intention Stepping out of the matrix The illusion of choice The fraudulent banking system Targeted individuals Geo-Engineering Chem Trails GWEN towers / smart meters EMF and Microwave radiation Meditation and Frequency Astral Dimensions Humanity Awakening Please share, like, tag and repost this video if it resonates with you so we can reach a larger audience. Much Love.

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