08 - "A Gathering Of Momentum" with The Reptilian Mi lab Chronicles James Bartley & Neil Pascoe

Sep 19, 2017, 05:00 AM

Hey Guys, welcome back to another “A Gathering Of Momentum”. Part 8 is with James Bartley. The Reptilian & Mi Lab Chronicles This was a very eye opening discussion regarding so many topics which are becoming more and more talked about in the main stream. The elite blood lines linking back to extra-terrestrial origins, reptilians and alien abductions and Mi Lab (Military Laboratory Abductions) and off word interface and much more. In every religion and ancient civilisation there is evidence of extra-terrestrial life intervening from the stars even in modern day religions. It’s a topic that show “ancient aliens” on television has now really made people question the history we have been told. As we all know its turning out that the truth community is being vindicated for almost every “conspiracy” theory. The main stream narrative is dead and we are seeing an emergence of truth and awakening happening around the world. We are in the mass ascension wave that has been talked about for eons of time 2017. Please put your belief system aside for this interview and listen to the info with a loving and open heart. There are many unanswered questions in this world, lets dive deep and question the very fabric of reality!! Much Love.

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