09 - "A Gathering Of Momentum" with Harald Kautz Vella, Shayne Benatter & Neil Pascoe

Sep 19, 2017, 05:03 AM

So beautiful people so here is the latest “Gathering Of Momentum Part 9” featuring Shayne Benattar from # Connecting_Consciusness and Harald Kautz Vella, a broad band scientist who is an industry expert on Geo Engineering, Black goo, Intelligent programmable matter and has some of the most profound information on the internet today. This flow session we smashed apart any controversy regarding Geo-Engineering and shon some much needed light on such topics as: EMF, targeted individuals, mind control, A.I., demonic possession and out lined the end game with DNA and Extinction protocol. We also worked on a bunch of solutions to exit and navigate these programs. Harald has created a new product that helps to clean out the geo engineering contaminates from our bodies, which you can order on line. Its is so important to be in pinnacle health these days with the toxic environment we are living in. It all starts with taking accountability for out own health, actions, thoughts and focus. Please share, like,tag and repost this podcast if it resonates!!!! Much Love. Haralds Papers www.aquarius-technologies.de/veroeffentlichungen.html

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