Kyrie Tripping | Dead End Sports

Season 1, Episode 59,   Sep 20, 2017, 10:04 PM

Man what a week in sports. The Dallas Cowboys lost and Ken knows why. You gotta hear that one. Kevin Durant got burner twitter accounts. There was a blind judge in the boxing matchup between GGG and Canelo. And Kyrie Irving went to NBA People’s Court on First Take. Here’s a rundown of this week’s show. 

2:47 — College/NFL recap 10:32 — NFL Ratings down? What now? 25:11 — Cowboys humiliated 38:33 — Kyrie Irving. You already know. 1:04:58 — KD burner twitter account 1:20:37 — Best Lakers duo 1:34:42 — GGG vs. Canelo recap 1:42:53 — Parting shots