Boat Radio – Bob’s No Wake Zone – Lake of the Ozarks Boat Show and IBEX special

Sep 23, 2017, 04:00 PM

The Lake of the Ozarks Boat Show is right on Captain Bob’s doorstep so there’s plenty to talk about and lots of guests to chat to, including Dave Lettow from MarineMax and Bryan Vance of Ameren who’s talking all about the Fall Shoreline Clean-Up – a volunteer event that takes place every year after the busy summer tourist season. Captain Dave Anderson’s on the line too, chatting about freshwater towing insurance. Also this week Bob goes to IBEX in Tampa and tests out two new products designed to make boating better – the Dripper Guard and the GatorBak. Do not miss this awesome slice of life from America’s number one recreational boating venue in the heart of Missouri. Boat Radio is brought to you by Boon Ridge, suppliers of awesome gear for awesome adventurers. Check out their online store at Boon Ridge… Go on – get out!