Marvellous Morata, Ronaldo's 'crisis' and the greatest ever European Cup story

Episode 71,  Sep 25, 2017, 12:59 PM

In our latest podcast, Ian McCourt is joined by the Onefootball newsroom's Dan Burke and Lewis Ambrose

They start off this week's pod by (talking about the Krays!) marvelling over the marvellous Álvaro Morata and assessing his hat-trick against a poor Stoke side. With that done, it's time to analyse the  Diego Costa transfer, before moving on to the so-called crisis with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid and coming back to the Premier League and assessing Coutinho and his goal at weekend – by assessing we mean, saying it was not all that good!

With that out of the way, it is time to talk Champions League. We answer the big questions. Are Napoli this year's Monaco? Are Dortmund good enough to take on and beat Madrid? And just what the hell is going on at PSG? Also: can a Bayern side that could only draw with Wolfsburg really beat back all that Parisian attacking talent?

And there is more. Friend of the pod, Nick Miller from the Guardian, joins on the line to reminisce about the great Brian Clough. He is the man who ensured that Nottingham has more European Cups than London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Rome combined. He is also the man who made his European Cup winning keeper train on a roundabout. It's a story worth waiting till the end of the pod for.


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