Phonoanomolies from Sep 26, 2017

Sep 26, 2017, 01:00 PM

Tom Hazleton & Gene Ciszek - "MR BACH MEETS BATMAN" 18th Century Concepts - "LIGHT MY FIRE" Fred Lowery - "INDIAN LOVE CALL" Eloise Trio - "COCOANUT WOMAN" Ferrante & Teicher - "OYE NEGRA" Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - "CHARIOTS OF THE GODS" Ralph Hermann & Bob Prescott - "TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC" Eddie Bond - "BUFORD PUSSER" Creed Taylor Orchestra - "THE CRANK" Jenks "Tex" Carmen - "DIXIE CANNONBALL" Dean Elliott & His Big Big Band - "YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME" Hollywood Persuaders - "DRUMS A GO GO" Electrified People - "ELECTRIFIED PEOPLE" Music behind DJ: Klark Kent (Stewart Copland) - "THEME FOR KINETIC RITUAL"

Carlos Rubio - "ANAE ATOA" George Shimabukuro & Norman Nishimoto - "JAPANESE RHUMBA" Ferrante & Teicher - "AFRICAN ECHOES" Andre Popp - "LA POLKA DU COLONEL" Starbuck - "WORKING MY HEART TO THE BONE" Ethel Smith - "TICO TICO" Sam Sacks - "DIANA" Gil Trythall - "FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN" First Theremin Era - "BARNABAS" Eloise Trio - "CHI CHI MERANGUE" Three Suns - "CARAVAN" Nora Dean - "BARBWIRE" Leonard Emanuel - "HOLLER" Wade Denning - "MAMBO ROONEY" Jonna Gault - "WONDER WHY I GUESS" Music behind DJ: Da Spitits - "GINGER BEER JAM"

Sam Sacks - "HI LILI HI LO" Electric Express - "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE DID THE WHOLE THING" Yma Sumac - "LET ME HEAR YOU" [Blog Page One:] [Blog Page Two:] [Blog Page Three:]