DL Warfield: Creating With A Conscience

Season 1, Episode 4,   Sep 26, 2017, 02:44 PM

On this weeks episode of Culturation™ we speak with the Creative Crusader, DL Warfield. We discuss the importance of mentorships, the art of persistence, and how there are no replacements for working your ass off.

DL Warfield is a roundly respected and highly accomplished artist and creative talent. A graduate of Washington University’s School of Fine Arts, Warfield has had a decorated career working for such labels as Tommy Boy Records and LaFace Records, where he served as the resident art director, working on such projects and artists as Usher, Outkast, TLC and Pink.

His creative company Goldfinger c.s. has done work for brands such as Nike, Heineken, GMC and Coca-Cola to name a few.

Warfield’s continued ambition, undaunted aspiration and personal commitment to artistic elevation pushes him to bring new ideas to creation and fearlessly pursue whatever comes next.

He continues to support various community awareness programs and is intent on building cultural, social and creative bridges through his art and speaking engagements.

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