29th September 2017 - FA Cup 3QR, AFC Mansfield, Non League Day, JP O'Neill, Nicky Pope

Sep 29, 2017, 04:00 AM

Dave Anderson and Swampy join Tim Fuell in this week's discussion about non league football. It's FA Cup weekend again and the Third Qualifying Round is examined by @FACupFactfile Phil Annets, plus AFC Mansfield Andrew Saunders offers insight into his side's fast moving success and their FA Cup dreams for this weekend. Non League Day founder James Doe explains why its never to late to go non league and JP O'Neill tells more about his new book detailing the rise, fall and adjustment of the club he helped found FC United. Rounding off Burnley's new Premier League sensation, goalkeeper Nick Pope on how non league grounded him and rounded him into the player he is today.