LAST CHANCE: Amazing opportunity to WIN a brand new England shirt signed by LEDLEY KING - Sponsored by 7OTB

Oct 05, 2017, 02:00 AM

Footy Friends, THIS IS IT.

The deadline for you to enter and try and win a new England shirt signed by Ledley King is closing ASAP.

Last week so many you entered and don't worry you have all been entered into the draw.

If you listen to this podcast and don't follow the instructions below you will miss this fantastic opportunity. But I am not worried about that because you will, of course, set up your 7OTB profile.

When you finish listening to this podcast follow these simple steps:

  1. head to to set up your profile & new teams with your mates

  2. Insert your '7 of the best' Game Week Selections

  3. (VERY IMPORTANT) DIRECT MESSAGE @thefootballhour on Twitter with a message saying you have set up your profile and then send me your 'USERNAME'

All the usernames will enter a raffle and Ledley King will pick TFH listener winner and then personally sign you a brand new England shirt.



It is free to enter and you can try and play your way to £1 million pounds.