Can the Tories really fix student loans, housebuilding and energy bills?

Oct 06, 2017, 05:02 PM

Forget coughing fits, pranksters and tumbling letters for a minute. Along with a car crash speech for Theresa May, the Tory party conference also brought a few policies that might make a difference to our financial lives. Student fees, housebuilding and an energy price cap all came up on the agenda. But was this just tinkering around the edges, or a solid plan to improve three highly controversial areas? Last week, the This is Money Podcast asked what Labour would do to the UK economy and your finances, so this week it seems only fair to ask the question of the Conservatives. Listen to the podcast to join Simon Lambert, Laura Whitcombe and Georgie Frost on a tour through those Tory policies – and whether they have any chance of working – alongside the rest of the money news you need to know about this week. Also on the agenda this week, we talk pensions, discussing why a reader’s state pension has been cut even for the years they were contracted in and whether we need to be worried about final salary schemes paying out what they are meant to. 'Open banking' and whether banks should be allowed to scan your spending habits to then alert you to better deals is also discussed, along with the things you should avoid doing to your home if you ever want to sell it. And finally, in some breaking news we bring you the information you’ve all been waiting for. How much did the top new £10 note sell for at the Bank of England auction? Was it £700, £3,400, or £7,200?