10 - "A Gathering Of Momentum" - ‘Water Is life’ - Interview with water purification expert Nissim Malul

Oct 11, 2017, 08:32 PM

In this interview Nissim and myself go over some very crucial pieces of information, regarding our most precious recourse water. Most people realise that our tap water is toxic, but just filtering the water is not enough any more. We touched on (structured) Liquid Crystaline water h320. We dispelled the myths regarding alkalinity and ionizing machines and also spoke on the importance of bio available minerals. Explaining why these minerals are like spark plugs for the human body and the connection to spirit. Water not only carries information, earths memories, frequency and vibration but its also a conduit bridge to the other realms. Our bodies are 70% water just like mother earth as above so below. We must be putting the most pristine water into our vessle so we can opperate and a limitless potential.