Bottle Service with Jonathan Cheban

Oct 12, 08:00 AM

Jonathan Cheban (Keeping Up with the Kardashians, @FoodGod) joins Snooki and Joey this week in studio! Plus, the hosts share their thoughts on the controversial Dove campaign, discuss the recent Moms with Attitude wrap party and play a few games.

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sammi0469 - about 2 months ago

thank you guys(Nicole and joey) for being humble!

<user-5035940> - about 2 months ago

Jonathan's a dick. How condescending like the only reason he is relevant is because of Kim. I feel bad that he treated Nicole and Joey like they were peasants. "What is Bottle Service, so embarassing, its just a way of life" like eff off bye.


elizabethanne98 - 2 months ago

love it!