Boat Radio – Ocean Research Project – GUNS

Oct 15, 2017, 04:00 AM

Should you have a gun on your boat? Some sailors think it’s vital, others think it’s a crazy idea. The Greenlandic Government insist on it and Canadian law requires that all vessels navigating the Northwest Passage have a rifle on board. In this week’s edition of Ocean Research Project, Matt Rutherford discusses the pros and cons of travelling with firearms. Also this week, Matt’s African adventure with Yanni and Bruno continues. The trio head deeper into the heart of the continent, chugging inland via the Bintang Creek, encountering extraordinary poverty and hardship as they go. Matt performs rudimentary surgery to remove a parasitic worm from Bruno’s foot and later, as guest of honour at a village festival, is required to slaughter and skin a goat. Next week – Matt’s second single-handed Atlantic crossing. To find out more about Matt Rutherford’s environmental work for NASA and The Smithsonian, visit his website: If you want Matt to find the perfect blue water boat for you, drop him a line via or call him on his cell phone +1-443-254-3909

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