WMAL Interview - NEWT GINGRICH - 10.16.17

Oct 16, 2017, 06:21 PM

7:35 - INTERVIEW - NEWT GINGRICH - former Speaker of the House and author of new book "VENGEANCE"


BANNON'S WAR WITH THE GOP: -- At Values Voter Summit, Bannon declares 'war' on GOP establishment. Washington (CNN) Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon implored conservative activists at a Washington gathering Saturday morning to continue fighting the GOP establishment, attacking a number of Republican members of Congress by name, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Bannon told attendees at the Values Voter Summit, an annual social conservative conference, to keep up the fight against the "imperial" political class. "It's not my war, this is our war and y'all didn't start it, the establishment started it," Bannon said. He also said, "Right now, it's a season of war against a GOP establishment."


-- President Trump and Senator Rand Paul talk tax reform, health care. STERLING, Va. (CNN) -- Kentucky Senator Rand Paul sported his WKU hat this Homecoming Weekend, as he played a round of golf with President Trump in Virginia on Sunday. Paul says he and President Trump discussed many different topics during their game including health care and tax reform. On the topic of tax reform he wanted to emphasize the United States is competing with the rest of the world's corporate taxes. "I really think that we've gotta do the most we can and the boldest we can because we need to compete with all these other countries. Everybody's lowering their corporate tax. Some are worried, 'Oh if we do a 20 percent corporate tax' - my goodness, Ireland is at 12 [percent], thinking about going to 8. You've got Canada at 15. We really need to do it. And I think [President Trump] wants it to be as big and bold as possible," says Senator Paul. Paul also said he's supported President Trump's plan as soon as it was presented.