Drayton Trench - Episode Six [Audio Comedy]

Nov 06, 2017, 11:00 AM

Our heroes have escaped the clutches of the Countess, but Nathaniel Swan has gone to Rome to complete his malevolent master plan – to raise the spirit of Julius Caesar from the dead! Drayton is hot on his tracks – but can Nathaniel be stopped before it’s too late?

Alice Osmanski as Drayton Susan Casanove as Marjorie Peter Wicks as Jason Stephen Critchlow as Sir Percy Beth Eyre as Violet and Simon Kane as Nathaniel with additional voices by Esmé Patey - Ford The script was written by David K. Barnes...

Recorded by: Gareth Brown And edited by: Tshari King With music from: Rosemary Yates And directed by: Mariele Runacre-Temple