11 - "A Gathering Of Momentum" - The Merging Of Worlds with Jeffrey Slater & Nate Max

Oct 17, 2017, 01:23 AM

Hey beautiful people this podcast is with Jeffrey Slayter. This was a powerful session where we tapped on some deep topics like: *Sacred Jungle Meducine (Ayahuasca) *The Re Wiring Of The Western Human Mind *The Material Possession Trap *The Death Of The Ego *Direct Exoerience Vs Reading Material *Stepping Outside Of Time *Re Creating Heaven On Earth Jeffrey has a new book called 'The Evolutionary Entrepreneur' which is a very inspiring deep look at all these things we touched on to inspire young world changers. http://www.jeffreyslayter.com Subscribe to "Nate Max Tv" Podcast & You Tube for the full series of "A Gathering Of Momentum" which jam packed full of great interviews & info. Please Share, tag, repost , like of this resonates https://youtu.be/wu5p8X0ernk Also the recent pod cast With Nissim Malul is finally up loaded too "water is life" Much love Mr Max