Episode 33

Oct 18, 2017, 08:09 AM

Episode 33 Cortnie Dawn – Her Future Matters Cortnie Dawn is a passionate woman who aspires to positively help others to love themselves and their lives. A secondary teacher and the Founder and Director of Her Future, Cortnie runs workshops for young ladies and women on various topics to help them to be more resilient and happy.
Changing personal self-talk is hard, but not completely impossible. Self-talk is so powerful and many people don’t realise how it’s present on the subconscious level. That’s where creating positive habits comes in. Discover why learning to love yourself first is vital happiness. Listen how to achieve this in this latest We Are Women podcast episode. Contact details: her.future.matters@gmail.com www.herfuture.com.au Instagram: her_future Facebook: @herfuturematters #positivity, #happiness, #youngwomen, #joy, #destiny, #self-talk