Dolvett Quince: Changing Lives One Rep At A Time

Season 1, Episode 6,   Oct 18, 2017, 02:32 PM

On this weeks episode of Culturation™ we speak with the Body Sculptor, Dolvett Quince. We discuss the power of mind over matter, the importance of starting from the bottom and how to be humble but stay hungry. 

Dolvett is a celebrity trainer, best known for his involvement with NBC’s The Biggest Loser, and author of The 3-1-2-1 Diet. 

A true creative mind and visionary, Dolvett grew up playing sports, studying martial arts and excelling in his studies. Later, he moved to Atlanta and found himself working odd jobs in retail and construction until he landed a job at a local YMCA as a front desk receptionist. His ability to connect with people provided him the opportunity to become a trainer at the facility after receiving his physical education certification.

Fueled by his love of helping people, he grew his clientele in Atlanta and opened up his own gym, Body Sculptor Studio, located in the heart of the city. He trained some of the most influential people in the city, including radio personalities, actors, musicians, and even went on tour to train Justin Bieber while he was on the road. His growth and popularity provided him the opportunity to audition for NBC’s The Biggest Loser as a new trainer on the hit TV show, where he shared his passion and love for helping people overcome their struggles, both physically and mentally.

He has always inspired people from a young age and was now given the platform to do so on a national level. 

Dolvett continues to share his knowledge and positivity through speaking engagements across the country.

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