Scaredy Dads at The Scarehouse Ep.101 #GrownDadBusiness

Episode 101,   Oct 20, 2017, 07:00 AM

Jason has been to ONE haunted house in his life. Aaron loves them - so he drags Jason to one of top rated haunted houses in the country - THE SCAREHOUSE in Etna, PA (10min outside of Pittsburgh, PA). Not only do they walk thru the award-winning haunt upstairs - they do the waiver signing, no phones or keys, full touching, cussing, blood-soaked, better wear play clothes, macabre, nightmare inducing BASEMENT - the fully immersive horror movie. The dads talk PRE and POST Scarehouse… was Jason a scaredy dad or did he conquer his fear of haunted houses?

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Aaron Kleiber, a nationally touring stand-up comedian and actor, emerged as one of the most in-demand acts, touring alongside Bob Saget, Jim Breuer, and Harland Williams. He has been seen on Nickelodeon, Gotham Comedy Live, Standup & Deliver, ABC, SyFy and dozens of commercials and feature films. He's a frequent guest on "Doug Loves Movies" and the co-host of the film review podcast "You Can't Handle the Truth." Find out where he's performing around the country...

Jason Clark, married father of two, is a stand up/improv comedian, co-host of the stand up comedy gameshow, “Stand up GetDown” with Aaron Kleiber, it’s residency at Arcade Comedy Theater in Pittsburgh, PA.

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