Boat Radio - Bob Bitchin on murder, motorcycles and many years of cruising

Oct 20, 2017, 10:16 AM

By popular demand, this is a repost of a show first broadcast back in July. In this sensational interview, Bob Bitchin contemplates murder, considers suicide, talks about growing up with Clark Gable, Roy Rogers and the Cisco Kid, describes life as a motorcycle gang member, recalls his time as Evel Knievel’s bodyguard and reminisces about his many years cruising the world aboard sailboats. “When you’re out there, life is like a dream.” After his sailing magazine Latitudes and Attitudes died an inglorious death, Bob launched Cruising Outpost and it quickly became the number one selling marine leisure lifestyle publication in the United States. He remains at the helm, aged seventy-three. He has written thousands of articles, published several books, owned numerous magazines, presented dozens of television shows and is poised to launch a new venture – a music radio station for the cruising and boating community worldwide. Get yourself a drink, switch off your phone, close your eyes and just listen. This is jaw-dropping, eye-popping stuff. Follow Boat Radio on Facebook and Twitter: