Transfer Time Tunnel - Real Madrid's 02/03 Galacticos - Featuring Beckham, Raul, Zidane, R9 & Figo

Oct 22, 2017, 04:00 AM

Hello Football Friends,

Welcome to our weekly feature

This week's team is Real Madrid's Galacticos.

This team was a highly expensive squad but a miss-mash of attacking flair and not much defensive stability. It promised to be one of the greatest sides of all time but didn't manage to win a champions league title.

What happens on the feature is Alex goes through the 1-11 and works out each individual players age at the time of that particular match or season. Then I work out how much every player at that age would be worth in 2017's mad modern transfer market.

I then create the team's total transfer price and see how it compares to other historic football teams.

If you like this feature scroll down the podcast's history and you'll find plenty more TTT for your football ears.

Big Love Alex.

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