Actively Managed Funds - Flexible Plan Investments - with Peter Mauthe

Episode 550,  Oct 21, 2017, 08:34 PM

Since 1981, FPI has been providing actively managed accounts to investment advisors for their clients, with over 100 active strategies currently and over 20,000 investor accounts.  With "Rules Based" systems, using Separately Managed Accounts,  FPI actively manages positions, allowing for discretionary deployment of cash,  often tailored to a specific asset class, with defensive measures and other active opportunities, then combining these strategies into an investor's portfolio according to the needs and desires of the investor.  He addresses some of the myths that he sees are often key to the "Active vs. Passive" investment management debate.  This is a very interesting interview, especially for those who who may be focused on  the "Active vs. Passive" investment management debate.