Boat Radio – The Boat Galley – 53. Should you take a dog cruising?

Oct 23, 2017, 07:55 AM

Dogs can be a fun companion but should you take a dog cruising? Are dogs suited to the liveaboard lifestyle? Carolyn Shearlock has been a live-aboard for many years and for much of that time – more than a decade – she has shared her floating home with Paz, her loyal boat dog. In this latest edition of The Boat Galley podcast, she examines the pros and cons of doggy cruising and suggests some gear you might need to buy if you’re planning to take a four-legged friend on your sailing adventure. For more terrific tips and tricks to make your boat life better, visit: Boat Radio is brought to you by Boon Ridge – the home of adventure. If you’re looking for awesome gear to get you off the beaten track, the Boon Ridge online store will be opening soon: Follow Boat Radio on Facebook: