(ORIGINAL SERIES) WireTap: The Kristoffersen Files (Live on Tape)

Episode 18,   Oct 26, 2017, 11:30 AM

Tonight we sit down with Podcast UFO Consultant Rob Kristoffersen (@YerUFOGuy) and host of the upcoming @ourstrangeskies

Rob is a wealth of knowledge and we talk everything from the Lonnie Zamora Encounter and all other ADD UFOlogy... and even a famous podcaster Rob is not a fan of... hmmm

Podcasts randomly and shamelessly name dropped -we like podcasts!-

Astonishing Legends (@AstonshngLegnds) Mad Scientist Podcast (@MadScientistPod) Not Alone Podcast (@NotAlonePod) Pleasing Terrors (@pleasingterrors) Night Time Podcast (@NightTimePod) Double Density (@double_density) Rumor Flies (@RumorFlies)