The Book of Dust: Philip Pullman in Conversation

Oct 30, 2017, 09:47 AM

In this episode, Philip Pullman appears live via videolink (and later, telephone) for a conversation with Michael Williams. They discuss daemons in literature – and in the wider world – today.

Michael Williams and Philip Pullman in conversation — Photo: Sophie Quick

Engrossing, complex and subversive, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy is rich in myth and metaphysics.

The series, which follows the adventures of intrepid heroine Lyra Belacqua, won international acclaim, drew the ire of religious conservatives and has been translated into 40 languages. Pullman is a master storyteller and living legend, whose books continue to fascinate children and adults around the world.

It may have been 17 years since the last His Dark Materials book, but Pullman’s themes of totalitarianism, original sin and dark matter feel more pertinent today than ever. His feverishly anticipated new release, The Book of Dust, is neither prequel nor sequel but ‘equal’ to the trilogy, sitting alongside it, and expanding upon many of the same ideas.

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The Book of Dust: Philip Pullman