Markets flat ahead of a big week - Linear Investments

Oct 30, 2017, 11:13 AM

Markets are a little bit flat this morning, ahead of a big week in finance. 

Tim Harrison, Head of Wealth Management at Linear Investment says everyone is waiting for the big economic update this week. We have non-farm payrolls in the US on Friday. This will be a big indicator of the state on the economy there. 

Tim says, "the markets just keep grinding higher, any sell offs are being bought up". 

He also notes that in spite of the events in Spain over the last few days, the market seems to be putting that to one side. It just keeps on going! Tim compares this to Greece several years ago, where the market did have much more significant reactions then. 

Although Catalan is a big contributor to Spanish GDP, it is a small part of the Eurozone. As a consequence, investors seem to be taking up opportunity else where. 

Check out the full video for more of Tim's views. 

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