Blockchain will be bigger than the .com boom!

Oct 30, 2017, 11:53 AM

A company changed its name so that it had the word "Blockchain" in it last week, and it saw nearly a 400% rise in the price. The company is On-Line PLC, the mother company of ADVFN.  Blockchain, in Clem's opinion is going to be bigger than the .com boom. 

Clem is the Founder & CEO of ADVFN. 

Matt Brown, Market Commentator from Core London asks if this is the same story back when the internet boomed. People began including anything internet related into their company names, which subsequently saw a rush of Investors. 

Clem thinks that it is a bigger thing all round. He believes there will be a lot of Blockchain companies in the next few years. Similarly to what companies the internet created, such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. 

What the internet did for communication, Blockchain will do for economics, which means that it will be much bigger.  

Listen to the full segment to find out what else Clem has to say about this! 

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