Episode 86,  Oct 31, 2017, 01:17 PM

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Today's episode has no tricks, all treats! Jayson Braddock of "The Bottom Line" sports talk show in Houston, TX joins Miko to discuss the rise of what could be the ROY, Deshawn Watson. He also gives his take on the Texans' owner calling NFL players "inmates in prison" and whether or not the face of the franchise, JJ Watt, would've kneeled and if its time for the team to part ways with their 4 time All-Pro. Hustle joins Miko later to discuss NYC strippers being 'harder than a lotta u niggas" in the NFL, why baseball is OK with steroid use and slick baseballs to increase ratings, why you shouldn't panic if your NBA team is trash is October, Hollyweird and MORE! Enjoy!