Apple Pay is the way forward for AAPL profits

Oct 31, 2017, 02:21 PM

Market Outlook

Apple is only one of many in a swathe of fantastic results announcement. Alongside Amazon and Microsoft the large tech companies continue to perform. Even though the sales of the iPhone 8 disappoint, Apple continue to move upward. Jeremy Lyon, Consultant for Hobart Capital says that the increased use of Apple Pay and mobile phone payment systems is the way forward. There is currently a limit on how much money can be used in a transaction in the UK and US. However in China the limit is much higher and the feeling of confidence in the technology is very strong. This is where Jeremy believes that the next big market for Apple will be. Meanwhile the market is very happy with the positive results being released. Not to mention the immense recovery story of BP.

Politics Outlook

In addition to the financial market outlook we look at the big headlines in Politics. Rob Double, Political Editor of Core politics says that Westminster is currently in turmoil over the sexual harassment news. Although this may be true, the main focus on Westminster is the news of a BoE release. In the release the Bank of England suggests that there could be a total loss of 75,000 jobs. This is in the event of a No Deal Brexit scenario. In spite of this possibility , London will still remain the largest financial centre in Europe. Rob finishes off by discussing the positives in the new release with a suggestion that there could be increased traction in Asia and the Middle East post Brexit.

Further Information 

You can see more from Jeremy Lyon by using this link:

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