Oh, Appa! <3

Jan 30, 2012, 02:34 AM

Hiding within the safety of the undergrowth, I was awake and my eyes were flooded by the visuals of a strange, eerie reality, streaming into my mind as it was coming into existence. I noticed Appa's genitals were extended beyond natural. That was the strongest clue yet about the nature of their relationship - and it way almost enough to break my brain. Clearly, it was more than a game, I mean...the bison was aroused, its gargantuan sexual display couldn't be denied. It was swollen and leaking. I wondered if its frustration was caused by its inability to mate, physically, with Momo.

And then, oh, my, gods, I learned just how wrong I was. About everything. Oh, terribly, horribly wrong! Jeez, I can't get that image out of my head! The reality of it - that it was truly, actually happening in front of my face. Am I doomed to see it, again and again, in all of its warped and demented color, forever? Why didn't I just leave well enough alone? Why couldn't I just fall asleep like always? Why am I cursed with this mind and its need to know?

You don't understand. The sight of it. Gods, the smell of it. These aren't things that leave you! It's so unthinkable and unnatural. Who thought of it? Did it start as an accident and quickly become a game between them? And, again, I wondered what did Appa get out of it? Good lords almighty - what did Momo get out of it?

It must have been something - or - it wouldn't be happening.

Appa raised its tail and cut the loudest, stinkiest, breeziest burst of gas I experienced. My eyes watered and I verged into fainting. I could have gagged right then and there and blown my cover - as well as chunks! I thought I was going to be further disgusted by watching, up front and personal, the beast doing its business. I mean its legs were wide, its tail was up, its butt was shaking. All of that meant one thing was going to happen.

Yet, as I was about to turn away, I caught one last glimpse and I paused. Frozen by shock. Instead of a turd dumping out of its butt - it was Momo's arm! Then the other arm poked out of that entrance. The hands grasped the puckered lip like flesh and widened it enough to allow a head out of that cavity. Legs followed and, with another hiss of air, the lemur tumbled onto the rocks.

Then, gods, while I was petrified and about to wet my pants, Appa turned and gave Momo one long wet sloppy lick. #avatar #momo #wtf #appa