30.4 Sing The Old Alma Mater Part 4: “The Field House”

Nov 02, 2017, 12:00 PM

Miss Ebbet has a sinister plot of her own and weaves it into her school production of the tragic play “The Duchess of Malfi.”

“The Field House” is the fourth and final part of our original tale, “Sing The Old Alma Mater.”

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Musical performance: “One More Try” by George Michael, performed by Nicole Zuraitis accompanied by Jason Teborek.

Poem: “The Core Curriculum” by Dr. David Linton was read by the author.

Recorded live at The Bickford Theatre at The Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey on Sunday, October 1st 2017.

Featured in the cast: Mary Murphy as Miss Ebbet Alain LaForest as Eric Michael Pate as Jack Bill Heidrich as Chas James Rieser as Dean Hubble Kacie LaForest as Amanda Gardot David Linton as Mr. Holst Ali Silva as Polly Mansfield

Original story and radioplay written by Silbin Sandovar

Direction and post-production audio by Ali Silva

Podcast production by Ali Silva & Daniel Graves

Musical score improvised by Jason Teborek

Theme music by Jason Graves

Sound Effects Designer: Joe Jung

Audio Recording Engineer: Ray Lanuza

Technical Director for the Bickford Theatre: Lewis Perlmutter

Production coordinators: Dalia Morali & Brontis Shane Orengo

Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez, Ali Silva, Daniel Graves & Rebecca Graves for Fireside Mystery Productions Copyright 2017 Fireside Mystery Productions http://www.firesidemysterytheatre.com @firesidemystery

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