Bank of England - Carney hike or on yer bike?

Nov 02, 2017, 12:56 PM

Market Mover

Bank of England rate decision is eagerly awaited today. Markets fully expect the Bank of England to raise rates today. Tim Harrison, Head of Wealth Management speaks to Matt Brown about the impending rate decision. With markets pricing in a 90% chance of a rate hike markets and certainly long Pound traders will be disappointed if Mr Carney does not deliver.

FTSE one to watch

Harrison also discusses Carillion, a debt laden stock on the path of a turnaround. Harrison notes that Carillion could be a speculative buy but voices caution over interest rate hikes and the impact on Carillion's debt mountain.


Fevertree, a strong performing stock over recent years, has it now reached a point where it has saturated the market?


Facebook - Ad revenues impress the market. Harrison discusses how the company has changed and adapted since it's IPO and how tech companies need to reward shareholders by increasing revenue.


Finally. looking ahead to today's BoE announcement and ahead to tomorrow's Non Farm Payroll number, not to mention the potential announcement of the next Fed Chair, all of which makes for an exciting traders market over the next few sessions.

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