The Leadership Files: Coaching as a Christian at the House of Pain

Nov 03, 2017, 06:30 AM

Welcome to the Leadership Files - series three of The Christians in Sport Podcast. We kick off with Danno catching up again with former rugby wildman turned youth coach Chris Jones. Recorded at the ‘House of Pain’ - the home of Pontypridd RFC, the podcast sees Chris share how he learned to coach in the hard but fair style that has brought his Rhondda Valley teams great success. He says: “Any side that I coach, they will be committed, they will be physically and mentally prepared, they will be tough, but they will play within the rules as well.”

Chris relates how his Christian faith has shaped him as a leader, why he is still hungry to follow the calling God has given him and where he finds solace in tough times.

Listen in as Chris talks about

Why you have to be passionate as a coach (5mins 30secs) What’s most important to him as he coaches (12.00) Why coaching is so worthwhile (19.30) And much more…