The Albion Roar Down Under - ep.2 with Richard Parker and Steve Longly

Nov 03, 2017, 07:59 PM

Richard in New Zealand and Steve in Australia return for the second Albion Roar Down Under podcast.

In this episode, Steve talks about the REMF match in Sydney between Brighton & Crystal Palace which took place recently. Former Albion player and REMF stalwart Paul Reid gives his impressions of the charity and the match.

Plus we have John Moriarty, the first indigenous Australian to play football for his country. He talks about the 'John Moriarty Football', encouraging aboriginal players into the sport at junior and grass roots level.

Richard Bayliss, executive producer and presenter at Optus Sports is the special guest. Richard talks about Optus' presentation of the Premier League in Australia, and his take on Albion's start to the season.