Best In Galaxy Season 4 - Episode 4 - 'Shit Happens'

Nov 06, 2017, 12:38 AM

After The Council's Head of Health & Safety Deris Vondiv'd finds out that Patch and Stooch lost the PP9 battery - the most valuable commodity in this galaxy - they are summoned to the feared head of the council Lord Liptonice's office for questioning.

With a stroke of luck, Liptonice's computer needs a firmware update, so he has no idea the boys were summoned to be killed. After a bit of sweet-talking from Patch, he offers them a job, but it's not long before something comes up (or should we say out) that may be able to get them out of this situation...

The Cast:

Stooch: Himself, Simpkins, Lord Liptonice.

Patch: Himself, Mr Bossci, Sinamon Lee Majors.

Pauly: General Beers, Ol' Joe.

Written, produced and performed by Patch Hyde and Mark Restuccia and Paul F Taylor.

Sound editing, design and mix by Mark Restuccia.

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