US tax reforms unlikely to happen this year

Nov 10, 2017, 12:10 PM

Market Mover

Markets are flat as US Tax reforms are pushed back. The corporation tax reforms have been pushed back to 2019. Futures are indicating pretty much flat today. Matt thinks it is unlikely that the US tax reforms are going to happen this year. 

Matt explains to viewers wow US tax reforms are effecting the market have a look into. 

UK Manufacturing have had good numbers and beat expectations. However, it hasn't fed through to the pound though. 

Matt also sheds some light on the behind the screens negotiations that are going on regarding Brexit. There is a lot more going on than people realise. Regardless of what the EU  is saying and doing - other countries are trying to strike a deal with the UK. This is, of course, good news. 


The London Stock Exchange is the stock to look out for today.

The CEO, Xavier Rolet, is leaving next year. But it feels like he is being elbowed out by the Chairman!

Matt talks a bit about the internal politics that is going on at the London Stock Exchange. Despite this however, the stock continues to trade well. 


The AIM one to watch and Matt's tip of the day, is IQE

The stocks now trading up 15%. Watch the video to find out why!

Also discussed in this segment is the Pound outlook, Core Number and Economic Calendar. 

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