Could you achieve financial independence and retire early?

Nov 10, 2017, 03:45 PM

Have you ever dreamed of retiring early, or at least choosing to work on your own terms? There is a niche but growing movement that’s all about financial independence - it’s not necessarily about stopping work completely, but it is about having the choice to do so. So, could you achieve financial independence, how hard would it be and how long would it take? And why would you even want to retire early? On this week’s This is Money podcast, Simon Lambert, Laura Whitcombe and Georgie Frost stick it to The Man and dive into financial independence. They look at a reader’s question on whether he could reinvest profits from his business and property to retire by 50. They also discuss just how much of your income you might need to save to get there and whether that sacrifice is worth it. Also on the show: • How to invest your pension in retirement • We ask NatWest about its dreadful savings rate • The good news on savings rates that are rising And finally, as the UK’s worst places for using a mobile have been revealed, how can you avoid becoming someone who has to lean out the window to call people? Enjoy.