Testing yet another mic

Jan 31, 2012, 07:15 PM, Petaluma, CA, United States
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syzygy - over 5 years ago

can you back off the mic a bit! :D


CLCRADIO - over 5 years ago

We arent thinking good for that mic. How about a Shure problem Solver adaptor (the Brown Bridge with mini plug). And if that 'padding' doesnt work, you could go to the SM58 or Beta58.


markrock - over 5 years ago

I have to find you a better one. Absolutely appalling quality.


FiremanRich - over 5 years ago

WOW! That is LOUD! How far are you talking from the mic? $28.00!!!!! To much for a little mic where a pair of iPod Touch earbuds w/mic sound just as good and cost a whole lot less. Very loud baby audioboo Leo.


DJ_JoeyBronx - over 5 years ago

A terrible name for a terrible mic. Im listening to you and while i can hear what you're saying, it does sound a bit distorted almost like the microphone is right next to your mouth (literally)...