Retailers make or break festive season and the data dump in focus

Nov 14, 2017, 11:24 AM

Retailer's make or break festive season and data dump in focus.

Market Mover

We have had a bit of a data dump this morning, with RPI, CPI, PPI all less than expected. Inflation numbers are not looking great, however the CPI is looking good. Matt notes this is the core figure that the BoE look at, so it might make Mark Carney feel a little bit better after the rate hike! 

Again, the UK government and political issues is taking focus . The Pound has been selling off -  and there is no reason to buy the pound, believes Matt. Also, the trade of correlation in a sell off in the pound and the FTSE pushing higher, is no longer happening and seems to have been pushed to one side. 

Matt notes that investors seem to be putting their money into individual stocks instead, as there is little appetite for currencies and indices at the moment.

FTSE one to watch

The FTSE one to watch of the day is Tesco. There are two positive stories this morning. The Booker deal has been given the green light, which is great for them as they can focus on the integration finally.

Reports that market share is positive for Tesco also. This is positive for the company, leading up to Christmas. Matt believes we are gearing up to be a interesting festive period and it will be make or break for some retailers, high street stores and supermarkets! 

2018 is going to be a key year for retailers says Matt! 

AIM one to watch

Zoo Digital - AIM listed, stellar performance, 9p to 65p. Listen to this segment to find out what they do, and why they are doing so well. 

Also spoken about in this segment is 

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