50- Classy And Trashy With A Side Of Wine

Nov 14, 2017, 04:55 PM

This wine shortage has some of us freaking out.. What if we have to drink box wine? Could we survive? And would we even be able to tell a difference? We brought in our sophisticated gent, Trey Peart, for a blind wine taste testing and round table discussion of various classy and trashy topics. We wanna hear from you! Hit us up on our socials, Loose Lips and Child-Bearing Hips on Insta and Facebook, Loose Lips Hips on Twitter. You can tweet Trey @OnTheTradio and check out his podcast, That's Debatable. And don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes or Google Play. You can leave us a rating and a nice comment while you are there too! Thank you for listening! And pinkies up!

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