Les choses que j’oime

Nov 16, 2017, 04:51 PM

Class 450 Poem  Under 9  Individual

Les choses que j’oime . Par Marjorie Ozanne

J’oime ju des peches

Toutes bailles et fraiche. .

Des shucres j’adore J’les goute acore. .

Et pour des frases J’en mange en masse. .

Mais pus que tout J’dit a tous vous. .

J’oime ma mere, Et j’oime men pere. . .

lay showz keh zhoym

Par marjoree oh-zarn . .

zhoym zhu day paysh

toot bell eh fraysh .

day shuk zhadore zhlay goot akor .

eh poor lay frarz zhoh mohzh en mars .

may pu-ss keh too zhdee a voo .

zhoym ma mair eh zhoym moh pair . .

The things that I love .

by Majorie Ozanne . .

Don’t I love peaches

All beautiful and fresh. .

Sweets I adore I can still taste them. .

And as for strawberries I eat huge amounts of them. .

But more than anything else I tell you all. .

I love my mother,

And I love my father. . .