Week Ahead: What to look out for in the markets

Nov 20, 2017, 11:34 AM

There is a lot to grab hold of this morning and look at in the markets, we have:

Merkel's problems over in Germany  Mugabe over in Zimbabwe  Bitcoin breaking through 8000 We have all of this headline news and yet the markets are a bit "jittery" this morning, says Tim Harrison, Head of Wealth Management at Linear Investments. This is ahead of the budget later this week and general "tentativeness in the run up to Christmas"  

In terms of stocks or sectors to look out for in the budget Tim mentions 2 areas that we should look out for:

The self employed  The property sector  Listen to the segment to find out why these sectors are effected. 

Tim doesn't see anything really exciting at the moment coming out of economic data or company reporting. There are a few stocks however that Tim mentions to look out for... 

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