Chris Griffiths from The Real People on the truth behind Rockin' Chair, Don't Go Away & more

Nov 21, 2017, 01:49 AM

Back again and with less than a week to go from the release of Who Built The Moon I catch up with a man who was hugely influential in Noel's development as a writer, and on Oasis' sound as a whole; Chris Griffiths of The Real People.

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0:00 Shine on by Vision 0:34 Without You by The Real People 1:07 JC intro - thanks for the charity donations. You can donate at or to the cancer charity of your choice - email me with confirmation and I will send you the bonus episode we recorded where Brandon & I break down (I Got) The Fever 5:16 Snippets from Who Built The Moon? by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds from BBC Front Row 9:16 Its A Beautiful World by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Live on Later...) 10:55 The Underground Vault intro & Dawnbreaker. Check them out here - 14:09 Real People - Live Aintree Vinyl Sessions 14:44 Chris Griffiths interview 18:49 Real People - Live at Coventry Empire 21:11 Real People - Hey Jude 29:42 Real People - Dream On 37:38 Oasis - Columbia 38:50 Oasis - Don't Go Away/ Real People - Feel The Pain 42:20 Oasis - Rockin' Chair (Noel Gallagher Demo) 45:42 Oasis - Columbia (Live Demonstration) 46:44 King Lear BBC production 1967 49:13 Real People - My Own Dream 49:31 Oasis - Lock All The Doors 1:00:22 - Cher - One By One 1:05:31 - Oasis - Don't Go Away (Mustique Demo) 1:06:56 JC outro including iTunes reviews, coming up next & patron shout outs 1:10:39 Oasis - Stay Young