The big game is not government policy, it's Brexit

Nov 23, 2017, 11:55 AM

Ben Kumar, Investment Manager, 7IM & Matt Brown discuss the Budget, government policy, the UK economy and Brexit. Ben thinks it is a budget that contained very little information, and he thinks this is because there is very little information for the government to work with.

Kumar says the Office for Budget Responsibility downgraded UK growth forecast. They downgraded according to statement by them because they don't know! They say the government are not giving them enough information. When they don't have any idea, Ben worries if the government even has a plan moving forward. 

Matt Brown & Ben then go on to talk about the possibility of the government having different scenarios prepared for different Brexit situations (i.e Hard/Soft Brexit) However, they haven't even prepared that!

OVR predictions are also discussed. 

"No one really minded about the budget - the big game is not government policy, it is Brexit" Ben thinks we are maybe over focusing on it. Ben explains why Brexit needs to be the priority for the country. Find out what else Ben Kumar has to say in this clip.

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