Ma Vieille Catte

Nov 23, 2017, 12:52 PM

Class 351 Junior Individual recitation Years 3 & 4 . Ma Vieille Catte
. par Molly Thompson
. . Ma vieille catte Jessie
Est nere comme du tcherbaon,
A passe raide du temps
Assisse sus son bignaon
. A l’est fenianne
Mais a n’baille pas du broue.
A djette tchi qu’nous fait
Et j’pense qu’a oui tout.
. Chaque seraie a viant
Me veis dans mon lliet
Et pis j’frotte sa pael
A l’est prete d’se couchier
Jessie, Jessie, enne belle vieille fille,
Jessie, Jessie, terrous tranchille.
Ma vee-ayl kat . par Molly Thompson . . Ma vee-ayl kat Jessie Ay nair kom du tchair-bang A pahss red du toh Ass-eez su soh been-yang . Al ay fayn-yohn May an byle pah du broo A djat tchik noo feh Ezh pohss ka weh too

. Shahk ser-eye a vee-oh Meh vay doh moh yeh Eh pee zh froht sa pal Al ay prayt deh she koosh-ee-yeh . Jessie Jessie en bel vee-ayl feel Jessie Jessie ter-oo tra-tcheel . . My old cat . by Molly Thompson . . My old cat Jessie Is black like coal she passes a lot of time sitting on her cushion. . She is lazy But she does not give trouble she watches what we do and I think she hears everything . Each evening she comes to see me in my bed and I stroke her fur she is ready to go to bed . Jessie, Jessie, a lovely old Jessie, Jessie, always quiet
. . #GuernseyFrenchEisteddfod