North Korea and Bitcoin going ballistic

Nov 29, 2017, 11:51 AM

North Korea and Bitcoin going ballistic Matt Brown joins Nick Batsford to discuss all the major market moving events. These include : Bitcoin, North Korea, Royal Wedding, Brexit deals, U.S. Tax reforms and the FTSE.

Brown discusses the the rise of above Bitcoin above the key $10,000 level and how with North Korea launching another ballistic missile how Bitcoin could be seen as a safe haven play. The impact of the Royal Wedding, will it help improve UK GDP in 2018. US Tax reforms are on the edge of being agreed in the Senate, maybe as soon as this Thursday.

The Pound had strengthened as reports that Britain is close to agreeing a Brexit Divorce deal settlement

Stocks to watch include : London Stock Exchange - with Xavier Rolet stepping down after Mark Carney suggests he leaves. ECSC updates the market with a recent trading statement and Polymetal is upgraded by UBS.

Additionally, Brown highlights the intention for Oxford University to raise £250 million through a Bond Issue

Finally, Brown and Batsford look ahead at the key data releases today.

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