: Schaffer, Riley, and the Double Ice Backfire

Episode 56,  Nov 30, 2017, 12:00 AM

This month, the boys struggle with talking. SCHAFFER THE DARKLORD doesn't want to talk because he's hoarse from screaming into the abyss for weeks. NELSON LUGO can't talk because [REDACTED]. As a solution for their compromised voices, the former airs a prerecorded segment in which he sits down with chiptune/indie rock troubadours Shael Riley and Ty Guenley to discuss and dissect their new collaborative album: Schaffer, Riley, and the Double Ice Backfire - Hold Person.

Did Schaffer know what these songs were about when he was writing lyrics? Did Lugo really [REDACTED]? Is...that...the...Apple of Livid Silence?! These questions and more will be [REDACTED] in this month's episode.

For links and more info, head to the main episode page: https://nerdyshow.com/2017/11/epic-piecast-episode-56-schaffer-riley-double-ice-backfire